Friday, 25 May 2012

love you GIRLS #

GIRLS ! ♥ ♥ Girls Are Someone Who:
-Takes a Walk in the house with
a Toothbrush.. =P -Reads the Text on the Shampoo
bottle in the Shower.. =D -Laugh at Their Jokes when
They haven't even Shared it
with Others yet.. =) -They can Read something 10
Times without Understanding
It.. =$ -They Push the door when it
clearly says"PULL".. =D -They ask"What?"when They
clearly Understand everything..
=) -Hate it when the Wind messes
Their Hair up.. =| -Look in the fridge 10 times
without eating anything..!! ;) -Have to Call Their Own Phones
to find it.. =P -Check the Time on Their
Phones when They are wearing
a Wrist Watch.. =) -Turning Their Pillow around so
They Sleep on the cold Side.. =) -When They stay up Late, They
Count how many hours of Sleep
they wll get..=D -Smiling While Reading This!!!
No Matter what these Idiot Men
Say.. ~ They Love and Proud being
Girls...&thats Why Boys Love
you Dear Girls. ~
♥ ♥ ♥ —

Sunday, 6 May 2012

to YOU

Whenever I see your lovely
My heart reaches its maximum
Sometimes I ...wonder what did
I do, ... To deserve a sweet lover like
You brought me love and life so
... that I can't stop falling in love
with you, I don't know how my words
may seem,
But, you make my life a living