Sunday, 16 July 2017

you NEED me TILL you find someone

You said you liked to walk with
So, every day I waited for you
after the classes ended…♥ You called me up when you
didn't feel like coming to the
And I took lectures only on
those days♥ You said you like coffee very
And that's why our canteen's
coffee became half of our
blood,♥ You told me you wanted
someone besides of you when
you study
So I came to the library only to
accompany you ♥ You told me you want somebody
to take care of you
I thought I could do it better…♥ You said you have finally met
your dream girl
I understood it's time for me to
get away from your life…♥ Holding her hands, You said you
are so lucky to have me as your
I realised, you never have an
idea of how much I loved you..♥ It is because you never cared to
And I never cared to show...♥

Sunday, 2 July 2017

your WIFE deserve *

Every wife deserves a husband
who calls
her BABY,
KISSES her like he means it,
Holds her like he never wants to
let her go...
Doesnt cheat or lie, Wipes her
tears when
she cries, :))
Doesnt make her jealous of
other women..instead makes other
jealous of her...!!
A Man who isnt scared to let his
know how he really feels about her...!!
and always reminds her of how
really he LOVES her!!