Sunday, 13 August 2017

MY brain &

Interesting Facts About Human
1.There are no pain receptors in
the brain, so the brain can't feel
any pain. 2.Neurons develop at the rate
of 2,50,000 neurons per minute. 3.Right from the birth, the size
of brain does not increase a
single.centimeter. 4.Your brain alone uses 20 % of
the total oxygen present in your
body. 5.If your brain loses blood for
8-10.seconds, you could become
unconscious.. 6.When you sleep, you see so
dreams ..But most of the times,
remember just few instances
from only a single dream. 7. Great Scientist, Albert
Einstein used 40 % of his brain,
the highest amount of brain
used by anyone in the whole
HISTORY.. 8. You can't tickle
yourself...Because your brain
distinguishes the
feeling of your hand and other's
hand... 9. Brain is like the CPU of which processes
all the things and interprets

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