Thursday, 2 June 2011


We usually say no one can undertand a women.In my openian if you can understand yourselfno, doubt you can !

A girl will cry in joy and smile in pain...She will give up all her pleasure just for a smile from some one she loves....She will change 100 dresses n still like anything...She will shout like maniacs then cry like ill child.....She would hug you and forget the whole world....She will be satisfied with simple "im there".....She doesnt need big things in life,she is happy with small popcorn at the move....
Dont laugh !
if can vale a girl you can win her mind she will be just, nothing like anything. if you cant, she will be as bad as anything
RESPECT AND VALUE WOMEN, be it your mother,sister,lover,wife or friend.SHE HAS GIVEN HER SOUL FOR YOUR JOY !


  1. I saluate your thinking but unfortunately 80% of the men cannot think in this way.they treat their wife as a valueless person,always try to understand her that she can do nothing.

  2. I love you salinI love you salin


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