Sunday, 23 September 2012

talking computer

Make your Computer Talk make your computer speak
whatever you input to it. With this trick, you can create a
script in Windows which will
make your computer speak
whatever you input to it. To create one such talk script,
follow the steps given below:- Steps Open Notepad. Copy and paste the exact code
given below. Dim Message, Speak
Set Speak=CreateObject
Speak.Speak Message 3. Click on File Menu, Save As,
select All Types in Save as Type
option, and save the file as
4. Double click on the saved file,
a window will open. Enter some text in enter text column
and click OK. Now your Computer will
speak / talk what you typed in
Step 4. Try it yourself. Windows Compatibility: This
VBS file can be executed on all
versions of Windows including
Windows XP, Windows Vista
and Windows 7.

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