Monday, 15 October 2012

ma partner :)

Being in a
relationship is not
about kissing. Dates or showing
off. It's about being with the
person who makes you happy
in a way that nobody else can do." A relationship isn't defined
the number of kisses you
exchange a day, or the number
of likes the pictures that you
post on Facebook together may receive. A relationship is about
being with someone who
makes you happy in ways that
no one else can. A true lover is
someone that sees your
potential and that will push you to achieve it by all means. A
real relationship is about
helping both participants in it to
grow, not just one or the other.
Some tend to feel as though
their relationship must be validated by others when the
only people who can really
evaluate a relationship are the
participants in it. So if you are
experiencing a
relationship right now in which the opposite may be true, then
it may very well be time for
you to re-evaluate the
continuing of this relationship.
Remember that a relationship
isn't about any one party. Its not about you or me, it is about
"us" !

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